How To Get The Most From Your Investments

When you hear the word “investment”, you may think of a great way to make lots of money. While this is certainly a possibility if you make an investment, there is also a chance things will not exactly go the way you planned. Avoid mistakes and find success by using the following advice.

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Always familiarize yourself with property values in the area. The cost of mortgages and rent in the neighborhood is a better indicator than financial statements when providing a picture of the house value. When looking at things street level, you are able to make a better decision.

Keep an accountant on speed dial

You can be aware of tax laws and current taxation; however, there are many variables to keep in mind. A good accountant, that understands and keeps abreast of tax laws, can be an invaluable asset. Your success with investing can be made or broken … Read more

Using Technology to Better the Classroom Experience


When smartphones were coming up, the teen and youth population were the first to take to the trend. It took some time for the adult population to leave behind the old technology and adapt to the smartphones but once they did, there has been no turning back. Research shows that more than 60 percent of parents around the world have smartphones glued to their hands during most of their free time. This has created a detachment between the parents and their children’s school work. For this reason, innovators have developed a variety of classroom communication apps.


The purpose of these communication apps is to allow parent-teacher communication without the use of traditional methods like newsletters or notes. With time, so many apps of this sort have been created. In order to kick things up a notch, innovators found it necessary to incorporate students into the communication circle using … Read more

Amazing benefits of LIC Online Payment

There used to be a time in the past where we relate ‘speed’ to bike race and ‘convenience’ to mobile phones. But with the advent of internet, definition to speed and convenience is completely turned to online payment which stunned everyone with its incredible speedy payment features. The introduction of the internet has made everything digitalized in every department of the industry. To the same context, LIC has also offered its policyholders online payment gateway as well as LIC’s e-services. The policyholders can make use of this LIC online payment gateway and the e-services of LIC, to make the LIC online payment with ease and without any hassle.

The introduction of this gateway by LIC has made the process of making LIC online payment simple and hassle-free. The policyholders can now make the payment by using the payment mode of their own choice. They can make a choice for either … Read more