Young entrepreneurs brim with energy and curiosity. They make all sorts of investments, as long as they are made to appeal to them. These investments, most times, yield little or no returns and it is as a result of their zero experience about them. They hardly make the necessary research and consultation before plunging in. And once they plunge in, they leave the fortune of the business into the hands of luck and the wheels of fate.

But this is not so with experienced entrepreneurs. Those who have been in the business for years, making mistakes and learning from them. Therefore, when you see a young entrepreneur in the food and truck business wallowing in loss and bankruptcy, you know it is the same narrative about not having enough experience. Yet, there is an answer. The first part of doing the truck business right is to learn from those who have been into it.

If you are an avid user of reviewsbird.co.uk, you’ll find that there are lots of opinions from experienced entrepreneurs about risks, uncertainties, and whatnot. Going by that, here are 4 common food truck business pitfalls young entrepreneurs must avoid.

1.     Expecting Immediate Profits

Easily the most common pitfall amongst them. Young entrepreneurs are often motivated by swift profit. They tend to ignore the complexities about the business and the part that requires patience and grit. The moment the profit does not start trooping in, they are prone to leaving the business for another one. That way, they jump from this business to that business in a bid to make quick profits without gaining the proper experience in any of them. They are not concerned about the online reviews of food services.

2.     Lack of a Food Truck Business Plan

Just how do you go into a business without a plan? Most young entrepreneurs are fond of making this mistake. They oversimplify business and see it only from the superficial aspects. A good business plan will cover and plan for risks and uncertainties. An effective one will keep the business going even in times of shock, wading through losses, and reacting accordingly to changes.  Serving as a roadmap, it keeps you informed about the competitive market and the financial aspect of the business.

3.     Lack of Entrepreneurial Experience

We can’t just list without having this one. Most young entrepreneurs are self-possessed and opinionated. They make decisions that overrule, inconsiderate of the options at their disposal. No one is saying opinions are not good, but proper consultations even with your employees are some ways to nourish the food truck business. Making your decisions ultimate can be injurious to your business.

4.     Failing to Establish a Unique Brand

Being a food truck business does not mean it can’t be done uniquely. If you are all about it, then go in for it. One way to begin is to make your recipe different. Also, your marketing strategy can be made different. Your customer service, manner of approach, should not be the same as others. People love different brands!


These pitfalls are common to the food truck business overseen by young entrepreneurs. While most commit these crimes, not all of them do. Some know better to consult others, plan, and set a different tone.