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Breaking NewsThe Civil Rights movement can be forever remembered by the photographs of white policemen beating nicely-dressed, relatable African Americans and the African American non-violent response. The motion was successful largely as a result of tv coverage spread consciousness of how African Americans have been victims of oppression in the South. Had the protesters been violent, they most likely would not have been perceived as victims and wouldn’t have received as a lot public sympathy as they did. The television coverage of the Civil Rights motion created an expectation for future protests, just like the Occupy Wall Street motion, that media coverage of police brutality in direction of physically non-violent protesters would help rally public help for the motion’s cause. Like the protesters in the course of the Civil Rights motion, the Occupy Wall Street protesters are also perceived as non-violent and relatable victims of police brutality.

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I’m hoping Occupy continues to have an impact on our public discourse. Unfortunately, I think the media is making an attempt to marginalize them as a result of their message is so difficult. An Occupy protester isn’t like a Tea Party protester, who needs to return in time 70 years. Occupy is prepared to problem the financial status quo on which the United States at present rests.

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Breaking NewsReuters uses a series of story codecs (Alerts or Snaps, Briefs, Newsbreaks/Urgents, Updates and Wrapups) to satisfy the differing pace wants of its readers which range from intraday merchants in banks and funds by to news web sites, newspapers and tv. As a result we have to abide by line length guidelines to allow reporters and editors to maneuver the copy quickly to meet readers needs.

CBC NEWS Science and Technology The U.S. government announcement downplays the chance that fracking to extract pure gas poses a excessive danger for triggering earthquakes massive sufficient to feel. Instead, the report says gas and oil drilling the traditional way, damming rivers, deep injections of wastewater and purposeful flooding could pose increased risks, listing only the magnitude 2.8 tremor within the state of Oklahoma and 2.three magnitude shaking in England as causative brokers for earthquakes.

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