Month Lows On China Stock Market Gains (3)

CNN MoneyTHE HEADING SAYS IT ALL. I WAS READING YET ANOTHER ARTICLE that highlights corruption. In this case it has to do with a Flint-sort scenario, polluted water and the native government. So, it occurred to me to start out documenting them.

It simply so occurs that I saw the CNN broadcast this previous Sunday. I thought many of the emphasis was on the international-born ladies who had been arrested at the massage parlor with some consideration given to the little American lady on the finish, as well as the journalist posing as a young person soliciting sex on the Internet. In 2002, I stopped smoking. One of the things I did to keep my hands busy was I kept a journal. After three months of writing in my journal about the woes of not smoking and the way I was dealing with it, I realized I might have one thing … Read more

Guinea Mines Minister Accused By U.S. Of Laundering Bribes (2)

CNN MoneyYou would think that after you place a thief behind bars, he or she might now not steal from you. Unfortunately, it is merely not true. Just because it was, it is again.

How are you so certain the Right’s dark cash exceeds the Left’s dark money? Koch and Soros are just the most seen faces, not the totality. Just a quick search turned up Left leaning darkish money examples that exceeded those mentioned within the OP. I applaud CNN for this try to wake up the general public to what goes on daily, in each metropolis. One day, I hope we cease considering this a problem of the unfortunate and nothing to do with us.

If you suppose that as a result of the NAZI’s have been socialist just because that phrase was included of their identify then I’m afraid that you don’t have any thought about what socialism … Read more

How To Spot Counterfeit Currency

CNN MoneySpeaking of tragedies, in the present day, three/31/2015 A.D. I read an article on-line through which it was stated that Catholic bishops don’t wish to assist immigrant girls whom are raped. Just awful!

Like you, what actually appalls me is that these youngsters are further victimized by the American justice system that calls them prostitutes so it might treat them like criminals instead of the victims they’re. Once we tax every or create voluntary lotteries, for causes other than what’s allowed in our Constitution, we now have violated our pact. We have abdicated our morality in favor of expediency.

I would guess both girls suffer from severe self-loathing and no vanity, looking for confirmation of their low self-picture in the abuse, hazard and humiliation of the commerce. Finding affirmation in punishment, courting it, deliberately seeking degradation… seeing herself as bad, soiled, low and solely good for…. And I can store … Read more