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Breaking NewsThis realization turns into clearer as we ponder the Paris assaults, realizing that it could very properly occur anywhere. It could occur to any of us, at any time, in any nation. Whether we are attending a concert, a soccer game, or out to dinner at a favorite restaurant, such a tragedy may touch any human being who chooses to exert his freedom.

Thank you sooo much, RTalloni, to your keen critique. I anticipated someone would bring it up as I went forwards and backwards about it myself. I thought I might see how it goes and maybe contemplate altering the title later. However, the URL is everlasting now. As I supposed with my other poem hub on random violence, I suppose it is important to underscore the randomness of the lives misplaced and the locations targeted in the midst of rigorously deliberate and coordinated terror assaults.

The REACTION was all of the individuals glued to their TV’s for weeks on end. Mind control strategies had been used, one of the first being pictures of bin Laden on TV solely minutes after the attacks. The commonest approach being merely repetition. People were in shock, wanting someone or one thing to help them make some sense of it – wanting a SOLUTION.

A great tribute to those that misplaced their lives in one other such horrific event. Our hearts and prayers go out to the kinfolk and associates of those that have been killed, and for those injured in body or mind. May God’s peace be restored in the world as we thank Him for the freedom He provides in our hearts. May those who are inspired to kill, maim and terrify be turned to study His love and forgiveness.

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