Business Plan Basics

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A business plan or business plan is a formal and written statement of the goals of a business and how to achieve that goal. In fact many people fail to make a business plan or a business plan while doing business. Some people believe that the importance of a business is just run it. According to my personal opinion, I strongly agree when doing business one of the important things is run or just do it. But the unplanned path is a mischievous act. Does making a business plan or business plan guarantee the business success? Of course there is no certainty. So why should we create a business plan or a business plan? Some reasons why we need a business plan or a business plan are:

Blue Print

A business plan or business plan can be your business’s blue print. The company to be created has what purpose (vision)? How to reach that goal? Who are the team members involved? When can a business begin to meet its objectives?

You need to create a business plan or business plan:

    Business clarity to be worked on.

    Know the structure and strategy of the company.

    Get a detailed explanation of the market.

    Know how to market a business.

    Dig up ideas or early thoughts.

    Test business calculations.

    Sharpen the operational system.

    Know your competitors

 Sources of funding

Funding sources from third parties such as banks, investors or venture capital require written documents to know the business to be created. Therefore, the first challenge of an aspiring entrepreneur is to create a business plan or business plan that sells.

Business Plan Basics

Anything that needs to be written or should be in a business plan or business plan. The following authors will include some things that should be there. Detailed explanations of each section will be discussed in the next article.

Company background

The background of the company tells the story of the company’s data, the people behind our business, the organizational structure, the consultant or the accompanying expert, the composition of the shareholder (applicable if the business is Limited Legal Entity).

Market Analysis and Marketing

Market and marketing analysis tells us about strategy We do product marketing. In follow-up people usually use a marketing plan (marketing plan) to explain the detail or marketing strategy.

Production Analysis

The production analysis describes our business operating system. For example our business is a type of production or manufacturing, please know how the process of receipt of orders, production, distribution of goods and billing. If our business is a service business, we must clearly state how we channel services to buyers.

Human Resource Analysis

Human resource analysis tells the people needed of the competencies, the number of people needed. Human resource development plan. For some aspiring entrepreneurs this section is usually considered trivial, but this is one of the determinants of speed in business.

Financial Analysis

Financial analysis contains forecasting (forecasting or forecasting) income and expenditure, break event point, return on investment, calculation of leverage and others.

Business Development Plan

The business development plan is one of the most important sections for an investor. Potential investors will see how much effort we will make. This includes an exit or exit strategy plan from our business.

Business Risk

Business are risk-related matters for our business, such as operational risk, business risk, liquidity risk or financial risk and others. Business risks not only stop at risk identification, but also strategies We deal with or mitigate the impact of those risks.


Before starting a business take the time to write or create a business plan. Based on personal experience, when we write a business plan or business plan, we will know how much we want to make a winner and a mental readiness to own our own business.

We will be very happy, if you want to share your experience or your opinion about the business plan or business plan. Hopefully we and our readers can learn from your experiences or opinions. thanks.