Environment Minister Anil Madhav Dave Passes Away (3)

Breaking NewsThe Civil Rights motion will probably be without end remembered by the pictures of white policemen beating properly-dressed, relatable African Americans and the African American non-violent response. The motion was successful largely as a result of tv protection unfold consciousness of how African Americans had been victims of oppression in the South. Had the protesters been violent, they in all probability wouldn’t have been perceived as victims and would not have obtained as a lot public sympathy as they did. The television protection of the Civil Rights motion created an expectation for future protests, like the Occupy Wall Street movement, that media coverage of police brutality towards bodily non-violent protesters would assist rally public help for the movement’s cause. Like the protesters in the course of the Civil Rights movement, the Occupy Wall Street protesters are also perceived as non-violent and relatable victims of police brutality.

Lynda, I thanks for penning this hub. Trafficking of women and kids is a violation of the fundamental human rights of an individual. This is a violent act in itself and even worse than bodily violence because the effects are lasting. What makes it worse is a government that refuses to act to protect its residents and allows these prison actions/sex slavery trade to proceed.

It is simply too soon to find out whether or not the expectations that the Occupy Wall Street motion has assumed from the Civil Rights movement are helpful. So far, media coverage of non-violent protesters does seem to be gaining public sympathy. Since the Occupy Wall Street movement website offers protest methods from the Civil Rights motion the Occupy Wall Street protesters should have the expectation that those methods will have fruitful results.

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