We Do The Work. Someone Else Takes The Wealth. (3)

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I wasn’t trying to elude anything. The approach the quantity is counted, the lengthy-term unemployed do not show up. But we both agree that there will not be nearly sufficient full-time jobs for everyone that wishes one, proper? How is an incentive aimed at the unemployed going to end in extra jobs being created? Not everybody is an entrepreneur, in any case.

I think about within the US it’s totally different as a result of you could have a good amount of arid land, but within the UK folks don’t actually think about the issue as much as they should. Sometimes we are warned and there’s hosepipe bans etc. when there hasn’t been a lot rainfall, but apart from that water is simply wasted. I suppose it is as a result of we’re so used to the rain as well (not the perfect climate here :() And people just assume that it might by no means occur to us. I enjoy studying your comments, Aviannovice, thanks for visiting.

Agree with the whole lot you say, Chris. I watched the UK election on the BBC, and the markets were talked about every different sentence. What do the markets suppose? How are the markets reacting? I at all times thought that our phantasm of democracy no less than tried to reflect the need of the folks, however plainly I thought fallacious. It displays the need of the markets.

pgrundy, effectively I’m with the Greeks marching up and down and waving placards. The Argentinians did this a number of years ago I assume and principally forced some form of debt restructuring. I assume you’ve got lost your class consciousness in America, though the bankers and those who wield the power haven’t lost theirs. They know what aspect they’re on, and it ain’t ours.