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Financial HeadlinesYou are an entrepreneurial head of a non-public company, however would you danger your loved ones wealth in resource-wealthy Democratic Republic of Congo? Would you stick your neck out to boost US$65 million to own a licence and concessionary rights to harvest 300,000 hectares of forest space of highly subjective value in timber resource? Especially so, if the vendor purchased them for a paltry sum – a terrific disparity with the asking price and he now says the forestry asset is price greater than US$5 billion !

Putting extra power and cash within the arms of Washington’s politicians is not a great answer. The response from MMT supporters appears to be an attack on companies. Something seems inherently improper with that. Neither government nor enterprise is the only savior of our economy, but MMT seems to closely favor the government. Another Obama authorities investment gone unhealthy, Solynda. The chapter of Solynda will possibly cost the taxpayers $528 million after the court docket finalizes the bankruptcy.

Details of the federal government’s involvement in, and approval of, GM’s chapter plan, (formulated by Treasury Secretary Geithner, the Auto Worker’s Unions, (UAW), and technically, GM’s administration), that had been submitted to the Bankruptcy Court for approval, were the determining factors deciding whether GM would be compelled to liquidate, or allowed to file under Chapter eleven terms and emerge from the filings as a new firm – to proceed enterprise.

The finish of democracy and defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of the lending institutions and moneyed incorporations. Individuals branded as egomaniacs often have cash within the bank. They will not be scared that they may lose their jobs as a result of they said or did something unpatriotic.

pgrundy, nicely I’m with the Greeks marching up and down and waving placards. The Argentinians did this just a few years in the past I suppose and principally pressured some type of debt restructuring. I think you’ve misplaced your class consciousness in America, although the bankers and those who wield the power have not misplaced theirs. They know what facet they’re on, and it ain’t ours.