Banking Uncle Sam. The Lowdown On Political Super PACs (2)

CNN MoneyAny customer to the U.S. quickly comes across the custom of tipping for service. The American Travel Website Tripadvisor suggests that tipping just isn’t mandatory however is customary. It goes on to say that typically your tip needs to be in proportion to the service and high quality of service delivered.

I do not support Central Planning for the same cause I don’t advocate involuntary servitude. By what proper does a authorities control the money provide? A government cannot, with any semblance of fiscal stability, control a complete economic system. Witness the value of a dollar plummeting since we had been children, and earlier than. This isn’t a results of a scarcity of planning, but Centralization and Control of the purse strings. But the strings at the moment are frayed and we know this. The FED is simply a Ponzi Scheme.

Social Security is solely a wealth switch. It’s taking cash from all employees (or most of them) and redistributing the proceeds, by drive of legislation, to others. There is no Social Security Trust Fund, no money in the financial institution. Some international locations do actually bank all these funds, however, in the long run, it is still required by law, that folks contribute. And you’re right stating that it’s not the concept lazy people acquire redistributed wealth, however it is the concept that it is involuntarily redistributed, in the first place.

The American perfect of retirement is critically in danger of becoming extinct. To work onerous most of your life and invest a part of your paycheck into stocks, mutual funds, municipal bonds, and annuities, solely to find that large Corporations lost or stole it. This is the worst kind of crime anybody from the all revenue brackets will agree on.

The final U.S. foreign money was issued by govt order of John F Kennedy. They were called Red Seal notes and have been real cash backed by gold and silver held by the U.S. Treasury. A little over $four billion of the notes had been released to compete directly with the Federal Reserve Notes. Shortly after that Kennedy was assassinated and directly after that all the Red Seal notes have been removed from circulation. Curious.